Alejandro López

Alejandro Lopez

Alejandro López, Mexican graphic artist, who mixes art and design to create. The inspiration for his work are the streets of Mexico, its people, its customs, its traditions, its fantasies, its way of seeing even the most painful situations with humor. He achieves all this by relying on the strength of color, on the stylization of forms, on the spontaneousness of his strokes, and he complements it with words by stealing the humor of his country to place a title.

Alexander considers himself a thief of stories. His work has evolved from realism to stylization and simplification of form. What has remained constant is his appreciation for color, visual textures and inspiration from the most common acts of the people of his country. His work has been recognized, awarded, exhibited and collected in Mexico and abroad. The support of his work has evolved from canvas to textiles and leathers, resulting in art to live it and art to use it.

With more than 25 years as a creator and teacher, Alejandro takes sensitivity from art and aesthetics from design to transform the images of his works into art to be used.

Once the image is created by the artist, it comes to life and is capable of infecting any surface.

Alejandro López, from art to object.

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