Antonio Ehrenzweig

Antonio Ehrenzweig

José Antonio Ehrenzweig was born in Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico in August 1962. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Plantel León (1984-1988). He began his career as a visual artist in 1980.

He has participated in 34 individual and 68 collective exhibitions both in national and international territory; He has made 37 murals for individuals, corporate, business and religious clients both in Mexico and abroad. He currently resides in the City of León, Guanajuato.

The specialty in each atmosphere represented in Ehrenzweig's work is the distance between the eyes and the depth of the horizon that is sensed through the dreamy images. The adopted mythology evokes the origin of the four elements, when they merge into matter, their dynamics and the exact moment of the creation of life, its beginning and its end. From the language of the fossil to the sphere as a primary organic form, through cave textures and loose lines, a strong, complex work with a body of its own is conducted.

From the beginning until today, its production is gestated in the observation of being and its origins, of water as a giver of life and of the language of the fossil. The works result from these observations, as well as filters and influences of the constant discoveries in the creative process on a daily basis.

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