Social responsability

  1. Support for our indigenous communities in our country.

A large part of the profits generated from the sale of products through our marketplace, kimexikoo reinvests those profits in the following projects:

a) .- Protect our indigenous communities by helping them work in the following areas:

  • Trademark and patent registrations.
  • Intellectual property and denomination of origin.

This in order to avoid more plagiarism by the big international brands that steal the designs of our natives without providing any royalty to them.

b.-) Support the projects that are viable to export Mexican products in the following areas:

  • Development of corporate image.
  • Packaging and packaging design.
  • Legal advice in foreign trade.
  • Machinery and working capital.
  • Promotion of your products at international fairs.

C.-) Natural Disasters

We will be supporting the sale and promotion of products produced in communities affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes mainly, with the purpose of reactivating the economy of the community, where our buyers can add their support in a more effective way, to the restoration of these communities.

  1. Environmental care

At kimexikoo we will also reinvest part of our profits in projects that seek to care for the environment such as:

  • Promote the culture of recycling.
  • Energy generation projects through garbage.
  • Projects where we can use plastic waste to take advantage of it in projects such as making bricks for the construction of houses in marginalized communities, cycle paths, road signs, among others.
  • Rainwater harvesting projects that help reduce diseases caused by drinking contaminated water.