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Made of burnished clay in Guanajuato, the botijo is a bottle with an integrated glass that keeps water fresh due to the porous nature of its material.

An aesthetically simple piece and a good complement to our space; whether on the desk, in the kitchen or on a desk.

The piece contains enamel throughout the interior. The colors are only applied to the inside of the glass-lid.

** All our products are unique pieces, made with traditional techniques and carefully selected for our clients.

Technique, Materials and Authorship

Material and technique: Burnished clay.
Craftsman: Francisco Lara, Guanajuato -

Design: Yunuén Hernández

At MERAKIA we are committed to the design and quality of our products and service.

Our pieces are exclusive; result of collaboration between designers and masters who are experts in craft techniques.

The materials of our products are natural and retain their original characteristics. We add care suggestions in the packaging of each product for better conservation and maintenance.

Delivery time

All parts are manufactured to order so it is subject to availability. The average production process for each piece ranges from 3 to 4 weeks. We appreciate your patience.

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