Casa del Agua Natural 12/355 ml screw cap

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Water House

Purified, remineralized and bottled rainwater. Harmonized with light and music.

- Mineralized water, 600 ml and 355 ml presentations.

- Harmonized water (natural), 600 ml and 355 ml presentations.

Inspired by artisan processes, CASA DEL AGUA® was born as a nostalgic brand that evokes and appeals to what is well done, what is practical, what is temporary, but above all, what is beautiful.

Man, machine and nature merge in the same language without fear of speaking with clarity and purpose. CASA DEL AGUA® is the meeting between the past and the present

expressing himself with a high sense of honesty and transparency.

Tasting note



Ideal effervescence, it is distinguished by a moderate pearl of bubbles that leave a sensation of freshness.

Due to its exclusive properties, it gets along very well with red wines, high-alcohol rosé wines and full-bodied white wines. It goes perfectly with dishes rich in flavor, strong cheeses and meat.

Harmonized (natural):

It is transparent and luminous, without effervescence and low acidity. Soft and velvety on the palate, it accompanies the most delicate flavors on the table, reinforcing its aromas.

It combines perfectly with white wines aged in barrels, with fresh and fruity wines, light and young rosé wines, bubbly and sweet. It is excellent with light dishes whose taste and smell characteristics are delicate.