Círculo Tequila Blanco Art Collection - Chiskodelia - Hutzilin Del Amanecer

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White technical overview

Our tequila is 100% distilled from tequilana weber agave, produced and packaged in Arandas, Los Altos de Jalisco.

Círculo Tequila Blanco delivers initial notes of butter, apple, grape and lemon. It has herbal hints of rosemary and mint and final aromas of sweet agave. A silky complexion, fresh and smooth on the palate. Our master tequila maker makes a careful selection in order to provide the highest quality at the time of distilling.

Data sheet

  • Ultrapremium Tequila, White, 100% agave, 35 ° Alc. Vol. Cont. Net 750ml.
  • Kosher certification. Produced under the highest standard in quality and safety.
  • We collaborate with Artists, Artisans and Photographers to disseminate images of their Pieces and works in our bottles.
  • Tasting Notes: initial notes of butter, apple, grape and lemon. Herbal hints of rosemary and mint. Final aromas of sweet agave. Silky and fresh complexion and smooth on the palate.
  • 100% Mexican Multi-awarded internationally


Awaken your senses

Círculo Tequila shares the traditions of Mexico from the rooftops through its most symbolic objects; that, with its shapes, its colors, its uses, and its history, allow us to delve into the past and the magic of the customs of our country.