Tamarindo artisanal salt with morita. Presentation 50 grs

$ 198.00

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Product description:

Made with artisanal fleur de sel from the small coast of Guerrero ground in a stone mill, seasoned with flower punch, fruit pulps and some with spices.

Smoked with copal smoke in a pre-Hispanic ceremony, to then be dried in the sun in a protected way in clay trays also made with pre-Hispanic techniques (not lead).

With flavors and perfumes of exotic fruits.

Only tamarind with moderate and pleasant heat. Own to season Mexican fruits and accompaniment to mezcals and tequilas.

The acidity typical of Mexican Jamaica, recommended use of vinaigrettes for salads and ceviche finishes.

Passion fruit with ginger perfect combination of flavor and perfumes, also seasoned with turmeric and clove perfume. Suitable for seasoning chicken and salads.

Presentation in a case of three different flavors in this gourmet collection for those who do not like insects.