Tequila El Ultimo Agave Reposado 50 ML

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By 1999, the tequila industry was suffering a crisis, there was a great demand for the production of tequila while agave was becoming scarce. Large companies compete to buy every last agave, however, the family's hard work in the field had yielded fruits that they already had that much desired agave, it is also that since then, EL ÚLTIMO AGAVE we have it.

EL ÚLTIMO AGAVE is a 100% Agave tequila, aged for 6 months in white oak barrels at 40 ° Alc. Vol. Bottled and labeled carefully by hand, it is a bright, clean and transparent faint amber color, with reflections and golden hues that are appreciated in its great body, with a soft aroma of oak and cooked agave. Its flavor reveals soft woody notes that give it great permanence and end-of-mouth. It is a very proper tequila for "right", accompanied by raisins, nuts and strong cheeses, or to enjoy it with red meats.
Its high quality has been compared to the best Tequilas at an affordable price.