Severo Reposado Tequila 750 ml

$ 1,045.00

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ORIGIN: Tequila, Jalisco.
AGAVE: Blue Weber Tequilana.
GRADE: 38º Alc. Vol
REST: 10 months in American white oak barrels
COOKING: Industrial
GRINDING: Shredder
DISTILLATION: Double distillation
TYPE: Ultra Premium.

Coppery yellow, clean and bright with adequate, firm and viscous adherence.

Aromatic quality of good intensity. Integrated alcohol with aroma of fresh agave along with notes of caramelised agave. Notes of crystallized fruits. Acitron. Subtle scented notes like sweet violet and low herbal notes. Fresh vanilla bean, lactic, brown sugar
Rest for 10 months in barrels different in size and origin. Caramel, soft toasts, fine wood. High persistence and adequate nasal balance.

Sweetness of the cooked agave and the barrel moderately present on the palate with medium intensity acidity. Well integrated alcohol, content. Bitterness and low astringency and light minerality, with very good balance, integrated elements. Velvety, inviting, smooth texture with medium-long taste persistence with a caramelized aftertaste and a pleasant quality finish on the palate.

Severo Reposado is a clean and bright coppery yellow tequila with excellent adherence. Its aromatic notes recall the fresh vanilla pod, icing sugar, brown sugar and caramel, a true reflection of barrel aging. On the palate it has an integrated, velvety, inviting and smooth texture; with an aftertaste of firm bouquet, medium-long prolongation.