The refund is the request of a customer to receive the amount that he has paid for an item and that it has not been delivered or that it has been returned.

Reasons for Refund

  • The purchased product is out of stock and it is not possible to deliver another with similar characteristics and of the same or higher price.
  • The delivery time exceeds 30 business days from the date of purchase without the customer receiving the product.
  • The product was lost by the courier.
  • It has been charged at a different term than the one selected by the client or it is desired to change the type of payment once the payment has been made.
  • If an incorrect amount has been charged to the customer, the refund applies for the difference.
  • The customer wishes to return the purchased item (Total Satisfaction Guarantee)
  • Due to the different scenarios that may exist in online purchases, all those cases not contemplated in these policies will be reviewed and processed by individually.

Policies and requirements.

To request a refund, you will be asked for the following information, which you can send by Email, Chat or Telephone:

  • Order number with which you bought your product.
  • Description of the item and / or order.
  • Reason for requesting reimbursement.
  • Form of payment with which the purchase was acquired since it will be by this same means that the refund will be applied, in case of bank deposit the client must provide an Interbank Clabe and a photocopy of the account statement, in order to apply it.
  • If the customer still does not have the product, they will only have to wait for the refund process.
  • When it is a refund and the customer has the products, they must be received at, the correct and adequate receipt of the products must be confirmed.
  • The returned products will be evaluated to determine the origin and value of the refund.
  • The shipping costs for the return of the product will be borne by kimexikoo as long as there are no high volume products or more than 15kg.


The estimated times for the processing of a Refund once it is authorized are:

  • Payment with Cards (debit and credit) time of 30 business days.
  • In the case of payment with Banking Points, a favorable balance will be provided in a coupon or electronic purse so that the client can find another product or service within the portal.
  • Paypal, Money-mail (OXXO and 7-11) 15 business days
  • HSBC Bank Deposit, 10 business days.