• Nuestro Propósito

    About us

    We are a marketplace 100% mexican dedicated to promoting only the best products made in Mexico by the best Designers, Craftsmen and Producers, to make them known to the world, always looking for the best quality and design in each...

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  • Nuestro Equipo

    Our team

    kimexiko seeks that our collaborators ... Achieve personal and professional growth always giving the best effort in what we do with our work done every day. Be aware that each sale that is made through our Marketplace, we are impacting...

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  • Nuestros Sellers

    Our Sellers

    At kimexikoo we always seek to offer our buyers the best products Designers, Artisans, Producers and Manufacturers of Mexico , we ensure that our sellers have the best quality in each product, and offer the best service in each sale....

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  • Nuestro Compromiso Social

    Our Social Commitment

    Support the indigenous communities of our country. Part of the profits generated from the sale of the products through our marketplace, kimexikoo reinvests those profits in the following projects: Protect our indigenous communities working hand in hand with them in...

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  • Bolsa de trabajo

    Job vacancies

    At kimexikoo we are always looking for the best talents who seek to contribute and execute small actions that generate great changes for the good of our country. If you want to work with us send your CV to contact@kimexikoo.com

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